Professional Knowledge

Additional Qualifications and Continuing Education

French as a second language & Media arts

     During the spring of 2020, I will have completed FSL AQ Part 1, my first additional qualification. May passion for the french language started at a young age. My family originates from and many continue to reside in Quebec. I spent many holidays there and was always intrigued by the language and culture. I completed French immersion in Milton, Ontario at E.C. Drury High School, and continued my french education at Collège Boréal here in Windsor. 

     I have also been pre-approved and have enrolled in a Senior ABQ in Media Arts that will start in June and finish in August. I have a long history with media arts. Along with my degree in communications, for the past 10 years prior to enrolling in the University of Windsor's BEd program, my living was as a professional musician, videographer and graphic designer. This is more that a passion, it is something I plan to integrate into my daily lesson planning. 

     Other AQ and ABQ courses that I plan to take in the immediate future are AQ Music, Special Education and English Language Learners.